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Hello and welcome to the website of CANOËS RIVIÈRES LOISIRS, specialist in CANOE / KAYAK rental at Dordogne (24)!

We have two canoe rental options and two kayak rental:

Free-tour on day rental
Registration on one of our 10 trips
We offer 5 trips on each of our two rivers, of unique setting: Dordogne or Vézère.

Our trips last for 1 hour (for the  shortest) and 8 to a half hours for the longest! We drop you off,  in our vehicle with all equipment, at your starting point, upstream of each river.

Then, we pick you up in the evening at Limeuil.

Please consult the Rates and Trips pages for more details on each of our canoe rental services.

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05 53 63 38 73
06 30 09 54 81

24510 Limeuil